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Rules and description
« på: Torsdag, 12. April 2007, 02:16 »
This is my forum for gymnastics, cheer, RG (and maybe other things too, later on).

There is mainly one rule here:

Be polite and respectful!

Other than that, you should be able to do a lot  :D

Short description of how to get started:

  • You have to register to be able to post. To do so click on "Registrer" or "registrer deg" near the top of the page
  • Then fill in "Velg et brukernavn:" (=choose a username), "E-post:" (=e-mail) (it has to be a valid e-mail!!), "Velg passord:" (=choose password), "Bekreft passord:" (=confirm password) and the "Visual verification:" should be obvious! If you want to hide your e-mail, click in the box next to "Skjule e-postadressen din for andre?" If you accept the terms, then click in the box "Jeg aksepterer". Then you should be able to click on the button "Registrer" at the bottom of the page!
  • If you get the message "En feil har intruffet!" (=An error has occured!) and it says something like:"Brukernavnet du prøvde å registrere inneholder et reservert navn 'SOMTHING'. Prøv et annet brukernavn" it means you have tried to register a protected username. A moderator MIGHT be able to register it for you, but it is easier to just try another. Click "Tilbake" (=back), and try again! For other errors, try to go back and re-enter the information.
  • If you succeeded in entering all the information correct, you should get an activation e-mail: Click (or copy/paste) the link and your account should be active
  • Once you get logged in, you should be able to change the language: Click on "Rediger profil", then on "Instillinger for medlemskonto" on the left, change "Foretrukket språk", enter your password in "Gjeldende passord" and click the button "Endre profil" (=change profile). (The spell check follows your preferred language, so if you choose German, you want be able to spellcheck your posting... You can of course change it when posting and then change it back again afterwards.)

That should be it!

Now start posting away!!!

(aka gymbo)

Hjelp, jeg klarer ikke å stå stille! Hjelp, jeg klarer ikke å stå stille! Hjelp, jeg klarer ikke å stå stille! Hjelp, jeg klarer ikke å stå stille! Hjelp, jeg klarer ikke å stå stille!